Asociación para la Colaboración entre Puertos y Ciudades // Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities

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Arquitecto. PhD en Planificación Urbana y Políticas Públicas para el Territorio. Responsable de la Secretaría Científica de PORTUSplus.

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Made up of an interdisciplinary team of prestigious international experts of world renown and members of the RETE Scientific Committee, the Evaluation Committee for the PORTUSplus Call for Papers initiative constitutes an essential body of the Scientific Community organised around the Association.

Its contribution to generating new knowledge in the field of port-city relations is key, since it is responsible for reading and anonymously evaluating articles by researchers and professionals wanting to present their work and studies through the PORTUSplus Call for Papers scientific programme.

The work selected by this group of experts is published in PORTUSplus, earmarking those that merit being published in the PORTUS magazine due to their special relevance.