Asociación para la Colaboración entre Puertos y Ciudades // Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities

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Port cities and ports, key players in the global movement of goods, are now facing the challenge of positioning themselves and remaining competitive among the main nodes of the new global wealth circulation network, formed by the processes of globalisation.

In a context of structural change, cooperation between cities and ports emerges as a powerful source of synergies, thus becoming a key factor in the adaptation and revitalisation of their assets, as a seed and driving force of opportunities for building their future.

RETE, on the basis of its unique philosophy and the plurality of its approach, has made a commitment to stand by ports and cities in this exciting challenge.



RETE, taking on the role of a global “knowledge” network at the service of port cities, and fuelled by a collaborative combination of the talent, experience and ideas of its members and partners, promotes initiatives aimed at favouring fluid, balanced, responsible and trusting relationships between ports and cities. On the basis of dialogue and empathy, these initiatives encourage the reconciliation of interests, cooperation and partnership building.



To build an international network of port cities and ports, with a particular focus on southern and Mediterranean Europe and Latin America, with the aim of promoting and improving reciprocal relationships and mutual cooperation, to achieve balanced and qualified development of the urban and port spheres.



In keeping with its approach and mission, RETE’s objectives focus on devising and running schemes, projects, activities and initiatives that contribute to: Cooperation between port authorities and local, regional and state authorities, as well as public and private stakeholders; The best possible integration of ports into their geographical, economic, social, cultural and environmental settings; Prosperity and improved quality of life in port cities.