Asociación para la Colaboración entre Puertos y Ciudades // Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities

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RETE’s registered office and tax domicile is in Alghero, a town that, since its founding, has had an intimate relationship with the sea, as its very name suggests.

A town under the rule of the Genoese Doria family, it was finally conquered in 1354 by Pedro IV of Aragon, when it was named l’Alguer. Until 1495 the town was populated by people of Catalan-Aragonese origin and only from this point on were Sardinians permitted to live there. The fact that a variety of Catalan is still spoken there means it still has important cultural and social exchanges and ties with other Catalan-speaking regions.

Located in the province of Sassari in the north-west of the Italian island of Sardinia, Alghero is an ancient fishing town whose harbour on the Coral Coast was also an important military stronghold on the trade routes of the Western Mediterranean.

It owed its fortune to the coral fishing privileges granted to it by Aragon and its trading port, a major hub of the Mediterranean routes.

International nautical tourism, water sports and recreational boating, as well as regular cruise ship visits, are the main drivers of port activity in a town where the tourist industry is now one of the main sources of wealth.

The main tourist attractions include Neptune’s Grottos and the Easter rites that date back to the period of Catalan-Aragonese rule.

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