Asociación para la Colaboración entre Puertos y Ciudades // Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities

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The media library is a consultation space where RETE provides access to audiovisual content in various mediums and formats, of value and interest both in educational processes and research tasks.




The RETE media library provides access to video recordings and audio files of lectures given in the seminars organised as part of the yearly Conferences, key events in the corporate life of the Association.

Leading experts from both the academic and professional sphere give talks in these seminars having been invited to share their knowledge, ideas and experiences on the wide range of issues raised by port-city relations.

Through its platform, RETE makes these talks available to lecturers, students and researchers, knowing that they constitute a useful learning tool and an effective means of promoting scientific debate.

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Presentations with slides are now not just an essential visual tool in all kinds of communication but also constitute a valuable instrument for transmitting knowledge and expressing ideas, projects, accomplishments, etc. of various types and scopes.

As a good reference material for teaching, learning and scientific output, RETE, through its Resource Centre, makes it possible to view the presentations used by the speakers in the cycles of lectures organised yearly in the Conferences.

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Photo Library

Photography is not just a useful documentary record of the activities that take place at ports and in port cities; it is also a valuable cultural manifestation – a means of experimentation and expression of the creativity associated with the sea port universe.

The RETE photo library, open to contributions from its users, houses a documentary collection made up of specialised images with a dual purpose: to act as a resource to support educational and scientific activities, and to make up an album that exhibits the creative output of the imagination inspired by ports.

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Film Clips

Since the dawn of the cinema, many films have told stories with a maritime theme or have used the atmosphere of ports and port cities as a narrative setting.

Film Clips is the section of the RETE media library that offers a variety of snippets and brief sequences from films that have been inspired, whether in plot or visually, by the ways of life and landscapes of port cities.

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