Asociación para la Colaboración entre Puertos y Ciudades // Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities

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Bibliographic Resources

Aimed at providing readers with an introductory knowledge and understanding of ports, port cities and the various phenomena and unique features that occur in this type of urban environment, the RETE bibliographic resources guide offers a selection of references of publications of various kinds, whose content has been structured into eight subject areas.



Resource Guides

As indirect sources of information, bibliographic compilations are works that help researchers, educators, students, etc. find the information they need through subject-specific resource guides on selected and suitably identified, classified and described documents.

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Through summaries and notes in various formats, this section offers users a broader description of a set of books, articles or other selected bibliographical works, to provide a clear and more extensive idea of their contents. The starting point for this compilation is the reviews published in the PORTUS magazine.

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Published on paper or digitally, there are numerous periodical journals, magazines, bulletins and publications that, with a variety of focuses and editorial content, provide specialised information on various aspects of the reality of ports and cities. A selection of this kind of publication recommended for consultation and reading is provided below.

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General Bibliography

Study and reflection on port-city relations has led to extensive scientific output and numerous publications. The bibliographical selection included here is made up of a set of works that, both due to the handling, focus and approach of their content and their contribution to knowledge on these issues can be considered monographs and works of general reference that are useful for introducing readers to the subject area.

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Spanish Bibliography

Spain has a large network of port cities which have been the focus of interest and study for a large number of researchers. This work has given rise to an extensive and varied scientific output of which a selection of references divided into two categories is provided here: general works, offering overviews and summaries; and works centred on specific ports and port cities, especially those with ports that are of general interest.

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Portuguese Bibliography

A country with a deep-rooted maritime tradition, the cities and ports of Portugal’s mainland and islands have been under constant empirical observation, which is evident in the publication of a large number of interdisciplinary works and studies. This section proposes a selection of these works to readers.

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Italian Bibliography

Italy has a rich and varied scientific and editorial output on the dynamics and processes that affect the many waterfront localities and port cities located along more than 7,000 km of coastline, of which a significant sample is provided here as an introduction.

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Latin American Bibliography

The ports and port cities of the American and Caribbean subcontinent, starting with a core that have many elements in common, now offer a varied and complex range of alternatives with unique local features that have been the subject of important analyses and monographs, of which an introductory sample is offered in this section.

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