Asociación para la Colaboración entre Puertos y Ciudades // Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities

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The PORTUSplus Call for Papers is an activity open to the work of the scientific, university and cultural world, to the participation of experts, specialists and stakeholders of institutions and research centres and, in general, anyone who wishes to contribute with their knowledge and experience to the study of port cities.


The subject areas of scientific interest to the Call for Papers coincide with the lines of research outlined by RETE:

History of port cities
Economy and business
Contemporary port cities and new port-city relations models.Escenarios de futuro: planificación y prospectiva
Restructuring urban-port waterfronts
Architecture and port city landscape
Urban-port development and environmental sustainability
Culture and identity
Port city didactics
Infrastructures, transport, intermodality, logistics
Port, city and territory


The papers may be submitted exclusively in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian. The texts received in other languages will be rejected.


Presentation of articles is subject to acceptance by the authors of the following requirements and terms of participation:

1. Completion of “Statement of Responsability” form.

pdf_icon  Download Form (languages: Inglish, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian)

2. Completion of “Membership Form”.

pdf_icon  Download Form (languages: Inglish, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian)

Both documents must be completed and signed by all authors with their digital signature using either a PDF or JPG that includes a scanned image of the original signature.

3. An “abstract” in file.doc format with maximum 1,000 characters – including spaces- in English and in the Predefined Format.

pdf_icon  Download Predefined Format

4. A brierf professional profile of the author in file.pdf format

pdf_icon  Download Form (languages: Inglish, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian)

RETE issues a single annual call at the end of spring. Authors have a period of approximately six months to send in their articles, although the precise timeframe for submission will be specified for each new call for papers. When the PORTUS Scientific Secretariat receives the articles they are reviewed by the Evaluation Committee. Authors are informed of selection results by email and the selected papers are published in the respective editions of PORTUS and PORTUSplus.


If you would like more information on the PORTUSplus Call for Papers initiative, or you are interested in participating in the calls for papers, send a message