Asociación para la Colaboración entre Puertos y Ciudades // Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities

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4th International Workshop ‘Cities from the Sea’ – Naples

Thursday, 08 de March, 2018

Napoli-16-21-Aprile-2018-Workshop Internazionale - city from the sea-

With Partnership and suppor of RETE

16-21 April 2018 | Naples, Italy


The 4th international workshop ‘City by the sea. City-port system and the waterfront as a common’ proposes a collaborative interdisciplinary experience in which the urban planning meets the community psychology together with other competences as architecture, history, economics, etc. The challenge of this edition is the city-port system and the waterfront as common goods.

The workshop is open to participants from different disciplines as architects, planners, psychologist, etc. who are concerned with the study of sea, city and community. Participants will be invited to collaborate with civil society, associations, international speakers, politicians, businessmen.

The goal is to propose a new shared scenarios for the integrated and sustainable redevelopment of three important areas of the Naples city coast, thus involving both sea and territories through collaboration with communities and stakeholders.

During 6 days, participants will attend to on site field work and to lectures by international keynote speakers. Three group coordinated by tutors (architects and community psychology) will work daily receiving suggestions from the referees (decision makers, stakeholders, scholars, practitioners).


- Collaborative planning for urban regeneration

- Community psychology for urban regeneration

- Historic evolution of cultural coastal landscape

- Innovation and development in port cities and regions

Field work areas

- Development of the port of Naples  at East and the Economic Special Zone

- Regeneration of the San Vincenzo Pier, Molosiglio and Acton docks

- Preservation and requalification of Marechiaro village and coast

Final exhibition

Within the “Naples Shipping Week” (24-29 September 2018) an exhibition will take place with all the projects elaborated during the workshop

Scientific Board

Massimo Clemente (Chair), Caterina Arcidiacono, Rinio Bruttomesso, Alessandro Castagnaro, Maria Cerreta, Eleonora Giovene di Girasole, Carola Hein, Umberto Masucci, Alfonso Morvillo, Alessandro Panaro, Fortuna Procentese, Riccardo Realfonzo, Pietro Spirito

Organizing Board

Paolo De Martino, Florencia Gonzalez Leone, Giuliano Poli

Technical Secretary

Vincenzo Chiantone, Simona Stella 

Call for 30 participants

Who wants to participate to the working groups (Young practitioners and MS students)

Call for 6 tutors

Who wants to lead the working groups (Practitioners with 3 or more years of experience or PhD)


- Deadline: 9 March 2018

- Motivational letter and short profile, email to

- Fee: 100 Euros

Organizzato da:
University of Naples Federico II, Community Psychology Lab

Referente organizzativo:
Massimo Clemente
Via G. Sanfelice 8, Napoli

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